Scams ~ Lottery Scams

Unless you have entered into a competition or lottery yourself, or someone else has entered it on your behalf, you cannot win it!


If you don't have an entry, you cannot be selected as a random winner.

Do not give your banking and/or personal details to claim a prize.


I can hear some of you saying "Yea right, as if..", but there are good people out there with high hopes and dreams who believe that some of these lottery scams are legitimate.  You should not have to pay a fee to claim a legitimate prize.  If these people state that it is legal or has government approval they are scamming you.  The money you do send will be gone forever and you will never see the prize and/or money.  If you give your personal details, your identity could be used for fraudulent purposes.  Lottery tickets in the legitimate UK Lotto or legitimate lotteries in other countries, can only be purchased in that country. 

'You have won a prize!' or 'You have won a competition!'


You might receive a text message, an e-mail or see a pop-up screen on your computer that tells you that you have won a prize.  Nine times out of 10, there are costs involved with claiming your prize..when you do get your prize, it is not what you were guaranteed.  The people who run these scams make money by charging you fees and by getting you to call their premium rate phone numbers (numbers start with 19) to claim your prize.  The premium rate calls are quite expensive and they will try to keep you on the line for as long as they can..they will also try to get you to call another premium rate number. 

Very cheap or free offers will often come with hidden costs.