Royal Oasis Golf Casino Resort

The Royal Oasis Golf Casino Resort is one of Freeport Grand Bahama Island's finest, offering guests an array of services, amenities, and facilities to keep everyone happy. Located on 1,000 acres of Bahamas' lush land, the Royal Oasis Golf Casino Resort provides a haven for its guests. Pools, waterslides, golf, a casino, restaurants, bars, and more keep guests so entertained that some never leave the resort!

Features at the Royal Oasis Golf Casino Resort

At the Royal Oasis Golf Casino Resort, guests can choose from a wide variety of services, activities, and features. Ultimately, visitors decided how much, or how little they wish to do on this luxurious vacation. The beautiful property provides a safe haven where travelers may dine at fine restaurants, party at night clubs, test their luck in the casinos, or play some challenging games of golf.

In most cases, other hotels can hardly compare to what a large resort like the Royal Oasis. The vast property provides more than enough room for thousands of guests to enjoy the several pools, the tennis courts, the European style spa, and more. There is a fitness center, gift shops, high speed internet access, and even a jogging trail! Resorts like the Royal Oasis also offer an array of services not found in hotels.

Large resorts are also excellent for Bahamas family vacations with younger children. For instance, at the Royal Oasis there are facilities designed specifically for kids. The Fat Cats Beach Club is an activity center where kids can play while parents pursue adult pleasures. Children also enjoy the kid-only restaurant, as well as playgrounds, waterslides, basketball courts, and game room.