Riviera Hotel And Casino

Las Vegas: city of lights, luck, and spectacularly good times. Simply saying the name is usually enough to get people's attention, and usually an accompanying story or two. As with many cultural hot spots, however, Las Vegas can seem overwhelming to a first-time visitor. The old complaint of so much to do in so little time holds true in Las Vegas.

For travelers interested in maximizing their entertainment and minimizing their hassles, however, there are a number of different entertainment complexes that can offer the full package of Las Vegas sites in a single venue. One of the most storied of these is the Riviera Hotel and Casino. Located in the middle of Las Vegas's famous strip, this complex of four towers (the Monaco, Monte Carlo, Mediterranean, and San Remo) offers many services and exciting amenities in a single, easy location.

Like Las Vegas itself, the Riviera is a name that conjures a host of dazzling names: Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., even Old Blue Eyes himself all appeared or were said to appear at the hotel in its heyday. This gloss of happy history can be very appealing to some tourists. In 2005, the hotel celebrates its centenary, with an appropriately stunning lineup of attractions and performances.

History is only one of the benefits that the Riviera offers its customers. Over the years, the hotel and casino have both taken great pains to keep up-to-date with the latest in modern amenities–all the while maintaining the flair and style that is characteristic of the Riviera in the minds and memories of so many Americans. The result is an interesting combination of old and new.

Getting the Most Out of Your Holiday
Since the Riviera complex includes four separate hotels, the Riviera offers a very impressive selection of accommodations for the interested guest. The total number of guest rooms is 2,100–but in addition, there are also 158 suites available. Gradations of standard, superior, and deluxe style rooms are all available, depending, of course, on your budget and desires.

When in Vegas, however, it's important to do as the Vegans do (and no, that doesn't necessarily refer to people who don't eat meat!). Las Vegas is a city renowned for its gambling, and the Riviera complex is no exception. It sports a gaming floor featuring over 100,000 square feet of tables and machines, offering games such as blackjack, craps, roulette, poker, and keno. Also, various regular and themed slot machines provide a welcome distraction for those players who want to take a break, as well as for those who simply want to get in the zone and slot some quarters.

If gambling's not to your taste, however–or if you've had enough of it for now, and simply want to try something new–there are plenty of other entertainment options to choose from. These range from stage spectacles such as the acclaimed "Splash!", to comedy acts and musical numbers. The ample theater space at the Riviera provides endless attractions and great ambiance to interested patrons.

Of course, no Las Vegas complex would be complete without dining options. The Riviera offers many different restaurants and food styles, including Italian restaurants, steak houses, and coffee shops. For the more nostalgically-inclined, there's even a 50s diner-themed restaurant named Hound Doggies.