Winning at Video Slots: The Cain Method of Slot Play

Before you read this article, please be aware that gambling is ALWAYS a risk. Whether you buy a $1 lottery ticket or bet $100,000 on a hand of Blackjack, there is a chance that you can lost your money. That is why it is called "gambling". If you think that you may have a gambling problem, call the National Gambling Help Hotline at (888)-522-4700. They are there to help 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

Ah, slot machines. The anticipation of matching three or five symbols, the fun and exciting bonus games, the ring of the jackpot bell… Anyone who has every walked into a casino or even watched a film set in Las Vegas knows exactly what a slot machine is and does. The premise is simple: Drop a coin into the slot machine, pull the handle (or, in the case of video slots, press the button) and hope that you get some sort of matching symbols. There is no skill involved; just luck.

Even though there isn't any skill involved in playing slots, people do indeed have their methods. Most of these methods are actually superstitions. For example, bet the maximum amount of coins on every seventh spin. Who knows? You might get lucky. There is no strategy with these types of methods. They are more of a "Hail Mary" type of play, when all you are relying on to win is a prayer… "Please, God, let me hit!" Sometimes, these prayers are answered. More often, they are not.

The Cain Method of Slot Play is a simple premise: Increase your bet when you win, decrease when you don't. I have used this method with video slots in denominations of a dime (ten cents) and less, and I usually come out ahead. Friends and family members have also tried this method, and they have all told me that they have won money each time they have used the Cain Method. Mind you, the Cain Method of Slot Play is not a guaranteed way to win money when playing slots. There is always a chance that you will lose all of the money that you gamble with any game of chance.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, I have used this method on the low denomination video slot machines. In order to see if this method works for you, start with a penny video slot machine that has 15 lines. You will bet max, which means that you will start at a risk of just $0.15. Start out with a $20 bill, simply because it is an even number. If you start with more, there is a greater chance of loss. If you start with less, there is less of a chance of gain.

Choose your machine. As mentioned above, the best slot machine for the Cain Method of Slot Play is a 15 line penny machine. This method is best for the low denomination slot machines, such as $0.01, $0.02, $0.05 and $0.10 per line, and machines that have 9,15 or 20 lines. You will find machines that have more lines, such as 25, 30 and even 50 lines. Machines with more lines don't necessarily mean bigger payouts or a better chance of winning. You will blow through your money a lot faster with these types of machines.

Deposit $20 to play your chosen slot machine. If you have a players card for the casino where you are, don't forget to slide that into the card reader! Even the low denomination slot machines will still earn you perks through the casino that you are visiting. Again, $20 is the perfect amount to start playing with. You will be surprised with how it can increase. Do not expect to get a massive windfall on any machine – If it happens, then that's terrific! The Cain Method of Slot Play is designed to allow gamblers to play slots for an extended period of time and walk away with more money than they started with.

Decide how much you want to win. Be realistic! Since you are starting out with a $20 deposit in the machine, perhaps set your first goal to win $10. This mean that you would stop all play and pull out your money from the machine once you reached $30 including the original $20 that you deposited. You can always start over at the same machine once you reach your goal and pull out your winnings. However, it is absolutely essential to this method that you set a goal and stick to it.

Select the maximum amount of lines that you can play on the machine that you have chosen. If you chose to play games that have a bonus feature for an extra amount, such as Mr. Cashman, choose that option. This selection will not change throughout your slot play.

Step four is where the strategy comes in. On your first spin, bet the minimum amount. This amount should be one credit per line. Do not stop the spin yourself; let the machine auto-stop for you. If you win the amount you bet or more, bet the next amount up. For example, if you are playing a 15 line machine and bet one credit (which equals 15 credits), then win 15 credits or more, you should bet two credits per line (30 credits). Increase your bet one credit per line for each time you match or surpass your last bet. If you win, but it is less than what you bet, do not change your bet at all. For example, you bet 30 credits and only won 9, then keep your bet at 30 credits. If you do not win anything at all on a spin, return your bet to one credit per line.

Take your money out! Never let your credits drop under half of what you originally started with. So, if you started with $20 and just have $10 left, withdraw your money and move to a new machine to begin the process all over again. Once you hit your goal, take your money out. Resist temptation to keep going on with the money that you already have in the machine. instead, withdraw the money that is in the machine and deposit another $20 bill. Start over with step three.

While there is no guarantee with the Cain Method of Slot Play, there is a pretty good chance that you will walk away with more money than you started with. Just make sure that you follow the steps above exactly as they are written. Have fun, and good luck!

How to Play the Lottery

In our country the national lottery has two drawings a month, on the 1st and on the 16th. The first prize is a six digit number, with a small consolation prize for anybody whose ticket has the same last two digits as the winning number. Apart from that, there are four drawings for three digit numbers, which if they match the last three digits on your ticket, bring you a small prize.


So there you have it. In a country where most of the people are poor, the lottery offers about the only chance for an ill-educated and impoverished person to legally obtain a large lump-sum of money. No wonder the lottery is popular. And it leads to a situation where money better saved or spent on more worthwhile things is wasted on what can only be regarded as gambling.


But there are people who can make money from the lottery, people who win, and win frequently. How do they do it? Well, they treat the lottery business like any other business, they study it, they read about it and they invest in it.


Let’s face it – no one will ever making any money on the lottery by buying one or two tickets now and then and hoping for some good luck. Life doesn’t work that way. No, to win frequently a person must have a budget, and this budget must be spent on purchasing lottery tickets on a regular twice-monthly (in our country) basis, win or lose.After all, it is clear that if you cover a large enough group of number you are almost sure to win something. And if you cover the two digits from 00 – 99 then you will automatically win a prize.


But now comes the difficult part – finding winning numbers. This is a serious business and must be treated seriously. This means that you will have to spend all your waking hours looking for, talking about and reading about nothing but possible winning numbers. And not only your waking hours, but your sleeping hours too, as your dreams can be the source of numbers too. However, it’s important that when you wake up you are able to remember your dream, and have the skill to interpret it. For example, you might dream of a big open field on which were two trees, standing close together. Does this mean the number eleven, or two or what?


During the day you discuss with other people the merits of various numbers, you get tips from various sources, you study magazines and tip-sheets, you visit temples in the hope of gaining predictions from monks, you study signs, omens and the supernatural, house and car licence plate numbers, the age of some illustrious person who has just passed away, the bark on trees, previous winning numbers and numbers that haven’t come up for a long time, and so on


And when you feel in you mind that a certain number is a winner, you search around for as many tickets as you can find. But very often other people have come to the same conclusion about the same number so you may find that the number you want is completely sold out. So what you do is bet heavily on the number with an underground bookmaker. But here again there may be problems, as it is believed by many people that the lottery drawings can be fixed in favour of certain numbers. Such numbers then become regarded as “hot” by the bookies, and all bets will be refused.


Yes, there’s no doubt about it – the lottery business is hard work and takes a lot of effort and time – probably your whole day. So there is no possibility of your being able to work at a 9 – 5 job. But what happens if you have a run of bad luck, say, three or four drawings without any substantial win? Your budget will be depleted and you have no funds to invest. Well, the answer is take your gold jewelry or any other items of value, down to the nearest pawn shop, and then use the money for tickets for the next drawing. And when you win, as you surely will, you run back to the pawn shop and redeem your assets.


And that’s the way it goes. To be a successful lottery player it takes time, application, perseverance and – money. And above all you must be businesslike and play regularly.