Tribal Casino Slot Machines: The Insider Scoop

These are just a sample of the dozens of complaints the Tribal casino slot host hears every single day – most are unsuitable for repeating in mixed company. Even in the less vocal slot players, the frustration is evident in the somber, frowning, or downright angry expressions on their faces. They slap or kick the machines, tear losing tickets to shreds, and unfairly mistreat the lowly casino staff, which for the most part understand and sympathize with their plight. Tribal slot hosts know what players only suspect – the payback percentage on Tribal casino slot machines is terrible, particularly when compared to gambling meccas like Vegas or Reno or Atlantic City.

How terrible is it? No one can say for sure. Few things get the casino boss' skin prickling the way talk of tight slots can and the hold percentage on their slot machines is a secret more closely guarded than the gold in Ft. Knox. Where state law and gaming agencies regulate the hold/payback percentages for casinos, the player can get a fairly good idea of what those percentages are regionally, although not for individual casinos. In one recent report, Reno casinos averaged 94.9 percent payback on slots and video poker while casinos on the Las Vegas Strip (the tightest in Nevada) were at 93.8 percent. Similar information is nearly impossible to ascertain for individual Tribal casinos because the sovereign nation status of the Tribes and minimal oversight by state gaming agencies protect their casinos from having to make disclosures. We can, however, make an educated guess.

Nevada law requires a minimum 75 percent payback on slots, but most machines are not programmed that tight because gamblers would not play them. "If the payback isn't much, the machine is going to take your money very quickly," said Bob McMonigle, sales and marketing consultant for slot manufacturer Aristocrat Technologies Inc. "If you go beyond about 12 percent (88 percent payback), people will play and not come back. (Reno Gazette-Journal 12/03/03). Gaming analysts, like Bill Eadington at the University of Nevada, suggest that monopoly markets like tribal casinos gravitate toward a 91 percent to 92 percent payback. Additionally, when selling slots to casinos, manufacturers such as IGT and Aristocrat offer machines with different payback percentages as low as 85 percent.

Given this information, then, we can guess that tribal slots are set to payback something within the 85-92 percent range. Interestingly, the median of that range is 88.5 percent – just slightly above that level of payback that McMonigle claimed is the lowest where people will continue to play. If the numbers of slot players at your local casino is declining or if the casino is planning for or undergoing major expansion, you might also guess that the payback percentage is even lower than that median.

Unfortunately, there's little comfort in this knowledge for you, the slot player. It merely confirms what you already suspected – slot machines in your local Tribal casino are tight and may be getting tighter. It might have to do with the casino's lack of competition, or a need to generate more revenue for expansion, or simply out of greed.

Whatever the reason, slot players are not without the power to pressure the casino into loosening things up, even if only a little. You begin by complaining about the low payback percentage (both verbally and in writing) directly to the casino management. While the General Manager is typically only available during normal weekday hours, the number two person on the totem pole, the Shift Manager, should be available to hear your concerns. Fill out a guest comment card, too, to be sure your complaint goes beyond the ears of the Shift Manager.

Remember, also, the power of your pocketbook. Follow through on your threat to stop playing their slot machines. Nothing gets the attention of management faster than losing casino guests and declining revenues. Just be sure to tell someone, anyone, in management or guest relations why you have decided not to gamble in their house anymore. Suggest that they invite you back to play if/when they can offer you a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Lastly, if you are unwilling to give up gaming at your local casino, you might try changing your slot play to machines with a higher denomination. The payback percentages on dollar and high-limit slots are normally the best in any casino, including Tribal.

Whatever you decide to do, be aware that winning on the slots is completely random and payouts are volatile. Very few people win a lot of money; some win a fairly large sum and still more will break even. The vast majority, however, will lose all or most of their gambling stake. If it's difficult for you to accept that you will regularly be among that vast majority, it may be time to consider other avenues of entertainment. Just something for you to think about…

Virtual Casino Gambling

Gambling has been a popular pastime in America since the early days of riverboat gambling and the founding of Las Vegas after Nevada legalized gambling in 1931. Millions of Americans have ventured a spin on the roulette wheel, a pull of the “one armed bandit,” or tried their luck at blackjack. Casino gambling is a multi billion dollar a year industry.

The advent of virtual casino gambling has put a new face on the gaming industry. Virtual gambling has become an incredibly hot industry all its own, apart from traditional gambling establishments, and that trend will only increase as time goes by. Virtual casino gambling sites are some of the most abundant websites on the Internet.

Virtual casinos offer digital versions of classic casino games, and other games unique to cyber-gambling. Because the games offered by virtual establishments are digitized versions of traditional games, the odds of winning are the same. Experienced gamblers have discovered that virtual gaming is just as enjoyable as its real life counter part and it can be enjoyed from the privacy and convenience of their very own home.


Virtual Roulette

One of the most popular games in virtual casinos is roulette. Roulette is one of the most popular games anywhere, in brick and mortar casinos and virtual ones alike. Gamers enjoy roulette for its comparatively good odds and the structure of the game itself. Many professional gamblers work to develop roulette systems that are specifically designed to increase their odds of winning and take away the advantage of the house.


Bonus Slot Games: Why Are They Popular

These days it's not hard to find people praising bonus slot games. They say these are the best slot games ever. The reason for their verdict lies in the fact that these games offer wonderful entertainment and ultra cool bonuses! Yes, the truth is that these slots offer you plenty of rewards in the form of cash prizes and bonuses. So if you haven't played these games yet, give them a try. Even you will fall in love with these games.

Listed below are the salient features of bonus slot games. And indeed these features are the reason why people love to play these special games.

Very Entertaining!

Bonus slot games are very entertaining. These games are based on exotic themes. Amazing sound effects and cool animations make playing these games very interesting. In short, when you play these games, the entertainment is guaranteed.

Full of Rewards

Online slots are full of rewards. Apart from cash prizes, these games feature bonus rounds and symbols that award you extra when you line them up in a winning combination.

Free Games

In the bonus round, you can also win free games. The free games are played on the bet placed in the game that triggers the bonus round. By the way, on some bonus slot games, more free games can be won during the free games!

So, what about you? Are you ready to give these wonderful games a try? Then pick from bonus slot games and enjoy!

American Law And The Online Casino

Gambling has been a pastime of people of about every single background for hundreds of years. It simply stands to reason that a way to pass time that has been immensely popular for centuries would do very well in the time of the Internet. With fast admission to online casinos, casino gaming fanciers could enjoy their favorite games of technique and fortune, with only loading up a gambling page. Online casinos were destined to be huge business and all types of people were terribly excited at the opportunity to take home the big fortune. However, in some nations, government ordinances threatened to bring all of the massive internet casino growth to a stand still.

In 2006, the United States gambling administration put in place the SAFE Port Act, which was, without a doubt, a very necessary piece of legislation protecting the ports of the country. However, the government, for some reason, threw in a totally separate amendment onto the bill, addressing online gaming. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Act of 2006 made the sending of funds to web-based gaming establishments a crime in the United States. Now that they no longer had the capability to apply the Internet to give won money to United States customers, most of the internet casinos were pushed, against their will, to entirely pull out of the entire American market, even though a small number of them continued to service American players.

A lot of people worried that a lot of of the online casinos that were a favorite with US players would close their doors, slowing down the growth of the entire online betting concept on a great level. The entire industry stumbled within a brief period of time, with a lot of the casinos turning major losses in the weeks after the law was passed. Within just a few months, a great number of the biggest internet casinos began to steady themselves and even begin growing once more. Younger online casinos with a deep US player base took the toughest hit from the law, some ending up having to sell out their businesses. Regardless, within only a couple of calendar months, the majority of the bigger sites started to steady themselves and book profits once more.

In the course of 2008, the total amount of of online casinos and gaming sites have been said to have grown in total numbers by almost one-fourth more, proving that there obviously had to have been enough increase in player visitors that establishments were entirely comfortable opening up additional web-based gaming establishments.

Looking at the data at hand, it's entirely obvious that the potential for online casino websites seems richer than ever. Analysts have predicted that over the next couple of years, the internet gambling casino industry will likely see an additional 12 percent growth each year, with the American laws remaining in place. In fact, it makes sense to think that that number could grow likely increase considerably, should the new leadership in the nation lift the UIGEA and rejuvenate the legality of online gambling in the United States of America. Either way, new internet casinos will without a doubt continue to pop up regularly and the leading sites are going to continue to grow in numbers.

Casino Chips

Quality casino chips can go for big chunks of money. The 11.5 gram, 39 mm diameter casino poker chips are the exact chips that professional poker players use. Whether you play casually with friends and neighbors or play competitively in tournaments, you need a set of casino poker chips if you are serious about the game.

Moreover, you need to maintain your casino chips. The hands are the dirtiest part of the human body. Every day, people touch contaminated bathroom doors, their faces, their teeth, and so on; yet the average person only washes his hands three times a day. If you have a poker game, these same people are handling your chips, contaminating them with damaging dirt and germs.


High Quality Casino Chips

If you are a casual player but have an interest in purchasing some quality casino poker equipment, you need to know what constitutes "casino quality." Most casino chips are 39 mm in diameter and weigh 11.5 grams. Some chips weigh as much as 16 grams, but this is rare. Most casino quality chips are 11.5 grams, but some go up to 13 grams.

If you really want to splurge, have your poker chips customized. Pick your own design and as many money denominations as you have colors. You can literally customize your poker games. This works especially well with poker groups that use more than three different denominations. You can have a low stakes set and high stakes set integrated into one poker set. This costs a little extra, but many avid poker players find it well worth the price.

Riviera Hotel And Casino

Las Vegas: city of lights, luck, and spectacularly good times. Simply saying the name is usually enough to get people's attention, and usually an accompanying story or two. As with many cultural hot spots, however, Las Vegas can seem overwhelming to a first-time visitor. The old complaint of so much to do in so little time holds true in Las Vegas.

For travelers interested in maximizing their entertainment and minimizing their hassles, however, there are a number of different entertainment complexes that can offer the full package of Las Vegas sites in a single venue. One of the most storied of these is the Riviera Hotel and Casino. Located in the middle of Las Vegas's famous strip, this complex of four towers (the Monaco, Monte Carlo, Mediterranean, and San Remo) offers many services and exciting amenities in a single, easy location.

Like Las Vegas itself, the Riviera is a name that conjures a host of dazzling names: Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., even Old Blue Eyes himself all appeared or were said to appear at the hotel in its heyday. This gloss of happy history can be very appealing to some tourists. In 2005, the hotel celebrates its centenary, with an appropriately stunning lineup of attractions and performances.

History is only one of the benefits that the Riviera offers its customers. Over the years, the hotel and casino have both taken great pains to keep up-to-date with the latest in modern amenities–all the while maintaining the flair and style that is characteristic of the Riviera in the minds and memories of so many Americans. The result is an interesting combination of old and new.

Getting the Most Out of Your Holiday
Since the Riviera complex includes four separate hotels, the Riviera offers a very impressive selection of accommodations for the interested guest. The total number of guest rooms is 2,100–but in addition, there are also 158 suites available. Gradations of standard, superior, and deluxe style rooms are all available, depending, of course, on your budget and desires.

When in Vegas, however, it's important to do as the Vegans do (and no, that doesn't necessarily refer to people who don't eat meat!). Las Vegas is a city renowned for its gambling, and the Riviera complex is no exception. It sports a gaming floor featuring over 100,000 square feet of tables and machines, offering games such as blackjack, craps, roulette, poker, and keno. Also, various regular and themed slot machines provide a welcome distraction for those players who want to take a break, as well as for those who simply want to get in the zone and slot some quarters.

If gambling's not to your taste, however–or if you've had enough of it for now, and simply want to try something new–there are plenty of other entertainment options to choose from. These range from stage spectacles such as the acclaimed "Splash!", to comedy acts and musical numbers. The ample theater space at the Riviera provides endless attractions and great ambiance to interested patrons.

Of course, no Las Vegas complex would be complete without dining options. The Riviera offers many different restaurants and food styles, including Italian restaurants, steak houses, and coffee shops. For the more nostalgically-inclined, there's even a 50s diner-themed restaurant named Hound Doggies.