Do Slot Systems Really Work?

If you were to do on online search for, “togelsloto slot pulsa systems,” you would be amazed when you were guided to millions of sites online that claim that they have the best system for winning at slots. Hundreds of thousands of casino visitors loose their wealth each year trying to follow these slot systems. The problem is, they don’t work.

To realize that these systems have to be wrong, think about a slot machine for a slot machine for a moment. Inside the slot machine is a little computer that has a random number generator. That number generator decides what symbols are going to be displayed on the screen at any given time. While some generators are more likely to hit a paying number than others (looser slots vs. tighter slots), the numbers that pop up are still random.

Some slot systems state that if a certain combination is displayed on a screen, a jackpot will hit very soon. Other slot systems stated that if you have gone seven spins in a row that a large hit is going to happen. They state that you should watch other players that have had long loosing streaks and take over their slot to have a big winning. These systems are wrong because of the random number generator in the slot machine.

In all of the times that I have been in casinos, I have seen people loose straight at a slot machine for over twenty minutes without a hit. These people keep playing because a system told them that they should be up for a jackpot. They loose tons of money because someone says that they can predict a random event. I have also seen people sit down at a slot machine and win two jackpots in a row. This is also due to the random number generator.

There are some slot systems that tell you that you need to pull the slot handle down a certain way to have a win. This is one aspect that is based in fact from the past. You used to be able to, “slam,” a slot machine handle in a certain way to make it have a higher chance of hitting jackpot. Casinos were cued into this decades ago and have fixed all of the machines to make sure that this is never possible again.

I have also seen some slot systems that say that if progressive jackpots get up to a certain level, that they automatically hit. This is not true since we have seen certain progressives go well over a year without hitting while others hit the progressive twice in the same week (again, because of the random number generator).

The smartest thing that a person can do if they want to maximize their winnings at a slot machine is to know when to quit. The second best thing that a person can do is to learn where casinos are going to put the tighter and looser slots. This isn’t a system, as much as it is following the logic of a casino. You can read these articles for more information.

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The next time you see a website that claims to have the best slot system, exit the site. They will most likely give you a few teasers, and then request that you pay $20 for a book filled with lies of old information.