Confessions of a Casino Slot Supervisor

Ever since the beginning of time man has relished in the thrill of "hitting the jackpot." Really…it's not that hard to imagine how happy the caveman was when he came walking around the mountain only to find a massive beast laying in his path, dead because it was struck by a falling boulder. He didn't know the word, but I'm pretty sure he did the "jackpot" dance.

History is riddled with tall tales and stories of instant riches from ancient explorers to Caribbean pirates and from tomb raiders to the little old man with his metal detector on the beach, It's in our nature to jump with joy whenever we're so fortunate as to instantly find the "golden egg."

Living in these futuristic times of plug and go or click and your there, our microwaveable lifestyles don't allow to many jackpot moments. That's O.K., because we've got casinos. Whether it's a cruise ship, a river boat or an Indian reservation outside of town or you actually save up and take a vacation to Vegas, people love to gamble. People love to win !

As a slot supervisor for eight years in a well known establishment ( which of course will remain nameless), I was privy to a lot of things the public was not. In this article I'm not going to cover the darker side of gambling, I think we all know it exists and anyone in need of help can find it through either the yellow pages or most casinos offer a helpline themselves.

No, what I'm going to reveal are some of the little nuances and subliminal hurdles that are strategically set in your path to jackpot-ville. First let me say that even knowing these tips of the gambling trade, it's a safe bet ( no pun intended – well maybe a little ) that as soon as you head out your front door on your quest for fame and fortune at your designated destination, your going to completely forget them.

I'd like to share with you nine words of wisdom told to me by a Federal Gaming Agent one evening as we drove over a hill only to see the twinkle of millions of lights illuminating a city alive with hot action. "See all this, they didn't build it on winners." Remember those words right before you enter the front doors of any gambling house and you'll give yourself half a chance.

Carpet Color – It's not random and they didn't pick it because it was on sale. The color and pattern of the carpet in casinos were very carefully chosen by trained psychologists adept in understanding human responses to different stimuli. Bright reds and purples with slashes of yellows, blues make a person anxious.

Glass Top Slant Machines – When you sit at your favorite video poker or any type of machine really, the glass is tilted at such an angle as to reflect into your eyes, not directly mind you, not like a flashlight waking you up but in a way to make your eyes tired and weary.

"Hot" Machines – There is a range ( so many pulls, spins, or hands ) in which all slot machines must hit there top prize. This too is not random and there is a theory to how they are set. Machines in high traffic areas are set to pay out more often, The idea is that more people will see patrons winning in this house. The little old machine in the poorly lite corner will still be good and might even have a hot streak, just not as much as the one right on the corner of a major intersection.

Super Big Winners – You know, those lucky folks that hit mega millions progressive jackpots while their waiting in line for the buffet, or the Big Bertha machine right at the entrance. Just make sure if you play those that you have max coins in. Otherwise you could spend the rest of your life thinking what might have been, and it happens a lot.

Players Club Cards – If you only go gaming once every three years for the weekend…don't bother, but if your a regular …use the card, you'll get something out of it like free food or free hotel rooms.

Credits – This one is a little obvious, the casino doesn't want you to think of it as money but as credit. There are however some slot machines that spit the tokens out automatically into a loud metal tray, again this is purely to gain attention to all the winners they have.

Cocktail Uniforms – Another blatant move on the casinos part to "distract" the guest away from what they are doing and making them think about….well you get the picture. But don't forget, as cute as they are and whatever you think of them, many of these women are raising children on their own so don't forget to tip your waitress.

Camera Bubbles – As a final tip, when your in a casino ….be good. Those black bubbles up on the ceiling see everything. Don't for a minute think you can cheat in a casino because 24 /7 someones watching, and if their not then at least it on tape to be viewed if necessary. Here's one you might not know, they have cameras in the parking lot too, and out back and on the roof and in the elevators, hallways, stairwells….so unless you don't mind being "watched" save it for your room.

So if gambling is for you, have fun don't over spend, get sleep when you need it , take breaks now and then, eat good and oh yeah …those free drinks they offer, they're not really free. I saved the best for last, if you do hit the big jackpot, grab who you came there with and Go Home.