Circus Circus Casino

The Circus Circus Casino in Las Vegas is truly a unique experience. The facility is like no other place because of its circus theme. In addition, the facility boasts options, such as an RV park on the Las Vegas Strip, that are only found here. And, while the rest of Las Vegas has worked to be more friendly to families, Circus Circus has everything that any age could want.

The Circus Circus Casino is comprised of over 100,000 square feet of gambling area. The casino features over 2,000 slot and video gambling machines. In addition, table games such as Black Jack, Roulette, and craps are offered. Finally, for those who like the true Las Vegas gambling experience, Circus Circus offers a Race and Sports Book that allows betting on various horse and greyhound races, as well as sporting events. The legal gambling age in Nevada is 21, and identification is required.

More Than Just Gambling at the Circus Circus Casino
And, with a name like Circus Circus, you would expect a carnival atmosphere. Inside its grand buildings, there is an actual carnival midway. The midway is complete with all of the sights and sounds you would expect. This is not just for the children. Circus Circus also features circus acts for the enjoyment of adults as well.

And, for even more fun, Circus Circus has their Adventuredome. This is a five acre raised and fully enclosed theme park. The park features rides for all age levels. For the adults, there is Canyon Blaster roller coaster and the Sling Shot. The park even features a water ride. For the younger kids, there are bumper cars and smaller tower rides. Finally for the youngest children, there is a ferris wheel and a merry-go-round.

In terms of dining, Circus Circus has it all. The resort features seven restaurants and diners for any taste. The cuisine ranges from the very upscale with seafood and well-prepared steaks to a lighter menu. In addition, for those who like a lot of food and cheap prices, Circus Circus offers their Circus Buffet. And finally, for those quick snakes, the casino has a pizzeria and deli.

Finally, with all of this fun and excitement, you need a place to sleep. The Circus Circus Casino features rooms with all of the amenities that you would expect in Las Vegas. The rooms range from motor-lodge style accommodations to beautiful suites overlooking the Las Vegas Strip

Corporate Information About Circus Circus
The Circus Circus Casino is owned and operated by the MGM Mirage Corporation. The company employs over 70,000 people at over 25 casino resorts across the country. The company has 12 resorts in Las Vegas alone. In addition, MGM Mirage also has casinos across the state of Nevada and in Mississippi, Atlantic City, Illinois, and even in Detroit. All of their resorts strive for quality service. Many of these resorts have received various awards for their quality and service, including the Bellagio in Las Vegas which has received the five diamond award from AAA.