Casino Chips

Quality casino chips can go for big chunks of money. The 11.5 gram, 39 mm diameter casino poker chips are the exact chips that professional poker players use. Whether you play casually with friends and neighbors or play competitively in tournaments, you need a set of casino poker chips if you are serious about the game.

Moreover, you need to maintain your casino chips. The hands are the dirtiest part of the human body. Every day, people touch contaminated bathroom doors, their faces, their teeth, and so on; yet the average person only washes his hands three times a day. If you have a poker game, these same people are handling your chips, contaminating them with damaging dirt and germs.


High Quality Casino Chips

If you are a casual player but have an interest in purchasing some quality casino poker equipment, you need to know what constitutes "casino quality." Most casino chips are 39 mm in diameter and weigh 11.5 grams. Some chips weigh as much as 16 grams, but this is rare. Most casino quality chips are 11.5 grams, but some go up to 13 grams.

If you really want to splurge, have your poker chips customized. Pick your own design and as many money denominations as you have colors. You can literally customize your poker games. This works especially well with poker groups that use more than three different denominations. You can have a low stakes set and high stakes set integrated into one poker set. This costs a little extra, but many avid poker players find it well worth the price.