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Welcome to HeavyBlade, the and approved fanlisting for the character BlackRose from the .Hack// franchise. This fanlistings covers all incarnations of BlackRose, from her game versions to her anime apperances. If you are a fan of BlackRose please consider joining both. Don't know what a fanlisting is? A fanlisting is just an online list of people who are fans of the same subject. Fanlistings are free to join, and all you need is your email, a name, and your country.

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6/28/2016: The site has received a much-needed revamp. It's a bit simple, but much nicer than the previous layout. A few new codes have been added as well, and some content has been shuffled around. Unfortunately, my contact information had not been updated in a long while and was outdated. This has been rectified, and my current email address is now listed.

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