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Wanna Be? (anything .Hack// related)


This is version 5.0 of Heavyblade. The layout was made 100% in photoshop cs2, and it was coded in notepad. The final coding was tested in chrome, firefox, and internet explorer and showed no problems. If you do encounter any errors, you can always email me and let me know. The images I used are official .Hack//conglomerate art. The textures, brushes, and actions were originally made by the following artists: Shedyourskin, Vikyvampirs90, Soulspoison, Spiritsighs-stock, and JaeJade.

I do not own BlackRose, nor do I claim to. Characters, images, and anything else are © Their respectful owners. This is a non-profit fansite. Please do not take any of my content without asking first.